Just failed the UIPath certifcation exam (practical)

Hi all,

I just got notification of my failed exam attempt but the failed criteria looks quite wrong:

check separate xaml file for login to acme, with correct definition and functionality. ,
check config file - config.xlsx for extra configurations for acme_url and acme_credential,
check for renaming activities 2,
check for correct usage of items from the transactionitem 1 ,
check against using hardcoded values 1,
check against using hardcoded values 2,
check using correct city values

I had a separate login xaml file that used the url, username and password from the config file.
Datarows were used for the transaction item (not Orchestrator queues).
No hard-coded values were used and I definitely had the right city list that I was checking against.
I saw someone else in the forums had similar issues with this particular exam so i’m wondering if there’s an issue with the automatic assessment on this particular exam?

I’ve contacted UIPath about it and I don’t want to retry without knowing what the issues were as for all of the listed failed criteria, I still wouldn’t change what I did previously.

Anyone else have similar issues?

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Hi @troyq

Did you use RE Framework?

As per evaluation comments. Just inputs to check if you are following these. If yes, lets wait for the support team to reply back.

  1. Check the workflow how you are logging into ACME. Please have a separate XAML for login into ACME.

For example:

Init Applications.XAML - to just open the ACME login site
System1_Login.XAML - to login into the ACME site

  1. Make sure that you have acme_url and acme_credential names are present in the settings tab in the config.xlsx with the correct values.

  2. Renaming activities - Make sure that you have proper names for all the activities used in the workflow.

For example, most of the times - Invoke workflow activity is not renamed. The name just says invoke workflow. Renaming to Invoke workflow to “Invoke workflow - Login into ACME” will help you in better organizing the project.

Similarly, please check click, data scraping and other activities has proper names to identify what functionality is performing by these.

  1. Sorry, no idea about this. May be related to how you are processing the transaction items.

  2. Please remove any hardcoded values in your workflow.
    For example, Type Into activity - get the text from a variable or read from the config.xlsx.

Place the hardcoded values in the variables of workflow or read from config.xlsx

  1. Same as 5th point.

  2. Please check in your assignment whether the configured cities are matching in the workflow. Check the output only the given cities are extracting and matching all the criteria given in the assignment.

Karthik Byggari


Thanks for your replies… yes used RE Framework - I essentially used the same project structure as for the assignments in level 3 advanced (which passed no problem and I assume use similar criteria?)

The other items you mentioned @KarthikByggari are all there in the project - perhaps the only thing from your list I didn’t do was rename the Invoke activies as to be honest I don’t really think it’s necessary (if you name your xaml files properly) e.g. to me not much point renaming “Invoke ACME_Login workflow” to Invoke workflow - Login to ACME. I know you were just using that as an example though and in general I rename everything to self-document i.e. sequences, if statements, assigns even.

Only thing that i’m not confident on is that I used ACME_.xaml rather than System1_.xaml for all my workflow files (including ACME_Login.xaml). The level 3 assignments all refer to System1 but for some reason I decided to rename them all as the instructions only really refer to ACME (and not system1). Can’t believe that would cause the problem though…

Anyway, hopefully i’ll get a helpful response back from support as I honestly don’t know what I would do differently (said every person after failing an exam! :wink:

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Hi…Any update.
I got the below response. I dont understand the first point. i used correct url and loaded creds from orchestrator.Config.xlsx (21.0 KB)
Please make sure you’ve read the statement of the exercise and clearly understood it and also used the proper URL and credentials for ACME,
Please make sure you have properly named your output activities.,
Please make sure you’re correctly using the TransactionItem depending on your exercise. ,
Please make sure you’re using the TransactionData as showed in the Advanced Training.,
Please make sure you’re correctly using the TransactionData.,
Please make sure you’re not using any hardcoded values in non-xaml files.,
Please check you’re using the correct city values.,
Please make sure you’re correctly using the TransactionItem depending on your exercise.