Make sure that <process_name> is not already deployed on one of the robots from this environment (#1250)

Im trying to add a robot to a process on a different environment but I am getting the following error message:
“Make sure that <process_name> is not already deployed on one of the robots from this environment (#1250)”

I have tried to disable and remove the Triggers(Scheduled events) without any success.
Does someone know what I can do?

Hi @atomic

Have a look on the documentation


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Go to your folder in orchestrator and click on environment tab
Search for the environment which you have used for your process and see whether your robot is tagged there
Search for the environment → click on three dots and click on manage → and search for your robot let’s say as robot-1

If it’s there then fine

To resolve this issue

Then in the same environment tab in orchestrator again search for any of the other environment where you have tagged the same robot-1
And click on manage and deselect them
Your issue will get resolved

In short please check if the same robot is in another environment and if so remove that and give a try

Cheers @atomic

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Thanks, I get it now.

I have different enviroments for development, testing and production.
The problem is that I dont have a unique robot for each enviroment I guess.

It is not possible to have the same robot assigned to the same enviroment at all?

I think the statement is It’s like it’s already assigned
May be the it should be same robot in different environment
Yeah it is possible if we have that much license allocated

Cheers @atomic

I think that it was possible to have the same robot on multiple enviroments before.
Because when I look at this Orchestrator Enviroment Im currently working with they managed to have the same robot selected on two enviroments. But now I cant select it again after resolving the issue above.

Maybe something changed with the later Orchestrator updates.

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