Cannot find an existing robot to assign to a process


I am using UiPath Studio 2020.4.0 version and trying to run a process through orchestration website via URL
I have created machine, published package, robot and process successfully. However when ever I am trying to allocate a process to a robot, I don’t see it in the list below the process. As a result when I run the Job, the status remains as pending and never executes.

Please find the below screen shot for reference.


Have you created an environment and have you assigned your robot to the environment?

If you are not sure. On your orchestrator, go to your robot and check if it looks like the below?

If the environment is not there, create one and assign your robot to it, and if you need extra help, just let me know

Oh yes, when I created the Robot I created the environment along with it.

Is it connected to the environment?

Yes, the robot is connected to the environment.