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I am trying to use the orchestrator ( ) for my uipath robot.
I have provisioned a robot and connected it to the orchestrator. But while starting a job I cant find the robot in the list.I tired all possible solution provided earlier.Please help me

Hi @Gudu,

Your robot and the process you want to run must be in the same environment.
Check here how to add a robot to an existing environment. When you deploy a process, you have to select a package version and the environment where to deploy it. Then it will be available to be executed on any robot in that environment.


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Check your connection from your robot try as well for the confirmation.

I have already done that…but unable to trace where the error lies

And the process is deployed in the same environment, right?

Other than this, I don’t know what else to check. Maybe you can create a user for me in your tenant, with only view permissions, to have a look of the configuration, but only if you don’t have sensitive information on the tenant. You can send the credential via private message.

First can you share a screen shot of the part where you are trying to start a job and cant find the robot?

Second can you check if have the below:

  1. provisioned a robot and connected it to the orchestrator
  2. created a environment and assigned the robot to it
  3. Deployed your process in your environment
  4. Run it from the tray itself
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