main.Xaml file is not opening

after converting code from C# to now not able to open main.xaml file.shows document is invaild.can you please suggest for this issue

Ok, I’d try to remove and reinstall all your dependencies.
If you still get the error, try closing the project, deleting the project.json from the main folder and opening the project again.
It should recreate the Json, and sometimes it helps with this kind of situation.

How did you convert if from C# to It looks like you’ve messed up the format of the XML in Main.XAML.

Ok . let me try and get back to you.


Ok, that is definitely not supported by UiPath.
Chances are it won’t work at all.

I thought you had like created a new C# project and manually recreated your code, since I’m unaware of any official tool to convert from C# to or vice versa.

like in project, some activities were need to be converted from C# to the process ran once and later it is not able to open main.xaml.Will try by your inputs and see if this error exist.

That is not a supported tool. We don’t have a way to convert automatically from one language to another. Can you please detail your usecase? And why is this needed?