C# project will not open

So on Friday the 11th I created my first project. (C#) it was working well and then suddenly I started getting an error (Can not convert object to int). Even if I took everything out and and simply used a write to screen it kept saying that. So this Monday morning the 14th when I open the project I get this following error. “C# language is not supported”

Hi there @MarnusN

Are you using the community edition of Uipath studio?

Try switching to beta version where projects are/can be created in C#

Hay @Raghavendraprasad

Yes I am using the community edition.

How do I switch to beta?

Its weird because I was able to create the C# project with the Community edition.


Welcome to the uipath community.

Go to Help section in Uipath and check Beta radio button to use Beta version.

I can only choose between stable and preview. No option for beta

Preview is thee beta, the pre-release kind. :slight_smile:

Ahh I see haha, I tested on preview and stable and both give the error “C# language is not supported”

I can’t open the project as well.


Well then can you share your code where you used C# - share xamls so that I can take a more detailed look.

Where do I get those?


did you resolved this issue ?

I changed the community edition to 2019.9.2. It works.

How did you change versions or dit you re install

I just delete the lastest version folder and the project will be opened with the previous version.


Please see this post here:

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so c# will not be supported in the future version?

I believe the plan is to re-introduce it after the stable enterprise 2019.10 release.


this is a bit ridiculous. I understand beta, preview, whatever you call it. But to disable the whole function just “because” is ridiculous.

Now, I created an evaluation project, played with it, it became quite big and worked quite fine. Not much code in there, very simple one, all compiled and worked well.

I closed the project (restarting computers just sucks, hey) and tried to get back in. No luck.
I recreated another project which has csharp as a language, worked, closed it, reopened it…all good. Original project, fails to open.

Now, I would say the “feature” is still there but not working.

Is there a timeline to when new version is released or should we start evaluating other products?

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I have to agree with the person above me, I think it’s very unprofessional to introduce a feature, albeit in a beta, but then remove it without any sort of heads-up or reverse-compatibility.

Sitting now with a large project which is time sensitive, which I need to convert to VB to get it to work.

Also not being able to give some sort of date for re-introduction, it’s just bad service.


I confirm this bug.
2019.10.0-beta.252 I can not open project created previously with C# language, Studio give a message C# is not supported.
Changing Preview to Stable not helping…
That is very frustrating…

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