Why does my file when i downloaded and open becomes C# instead of VB when i saved it

I download this file but is in c# how can i change to VB

Hi ,

In Project .json file change
“expressionLanguage”: “VisualBasic” and close the studio and open again


but all the file i download and open is all C#

I didn’t get that, Can you share the screenshot if possible

it didnt had these issue yesterday but now suddenly all the file i open is all c#

I thought of you just created the project and some how it created on different language, If you already developed the code on C#, We can’t do anything because it will conflict in another files

Is created on VB i never once use C# before

changing the project.json from C# to VB value will not convert the code

In such scenarios we would do:

  • creating an empty project / using template project
  • importing file wise existing xamls
  • convert / manually rework it

is it something happened to my UiPath thats why is C#

please rephrase the question when statement was a question. Thanks for support

i rephrased it already

there can be a lot of factors.

A Quick check could look like this:

  • start with the creation of a new process and check:

what is preselected: c# or VB

we dont know the details on what was done

When the intention was about inspecting / integrating the file into an existing project, then:

  • do NOT dowload and open it solely in UiPath
  • do download it into the existing / a UiPath Studio project (correctly configued) and open it from there
    do not miss: grafik

it was not preselected, i want to just download onto my computer

To end the ping-pong communication, let’s summarize the above

Assumptions: we are not controlled by rolled out Governance setting it to C#

  • when creating a project, we set the used Language

  • when donwloading a file

    • we save it locally
    • then we move / integrate it into an existing project
  • when the downloaded file is of different programming languguage type, then we will adapt it manually or will remodel it again

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