Unable to open xaml file in studio version 2019.10.0

Hi all

I’m getting following error when i’m opening a xaml file,

can someone suggest what is the solution for this.
Thanks in advance.

NOTE-studio version 2019.10.0


Go to Help section in Uipath and check Beta radio button to use Beta version.

I just have two options as shown below do i have to select preview

Select Preview is nothing but beta.

It still shows the same error i mentioned above


Are you able to open VB.Net projects ?

@loginerror @Pablito

Many people facing this issue after studio got updated to 2019.10.0. Could you please check once and update us.

Hi @lakshman,

Yes i’m able to open VB.net files but not C# ones

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Hi all,

Found solution for this.
In project JSON file pls update parameter expressionLanguage to VisualBasic if it is Csharp



Can you confirm that this project was made as C# before?

Hi @Pablito,

Yes project was in c#. When i opened Project JSON file , expressionLanguage was CSharp.

Thank you. I will take a closer look into this :slight_smile:

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After checking this I have little update of the situation. So when you are creating new process you will currently don’t see options for VB or C# process type:
So C# support was under experimental features. Right now we are focused on having your feedback about exact features of current preview version of Studio 2019.10. Those features will be delivered to our LTS release and this is why we have removed from current preview version all experimental features.

Sorry for inconvenience, this should be back ASAP


Thank you I love you

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How soon is ASAP? A month?

It’s hard to tell as there are many things which needs to be merged, fixed etc. That’s why we don’t have any ETA but it shouldn’t be long :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone,
I have just little update about lack of C# in current release. Please check this post: