Source code.xaml language 'VisualBasic' is incompatible with project's language 'CSharp'. This configuration is not supported

Hi everyone, am unable to open the source code in the Main_process.xaml ( Uipath studio) as there was compatible issue. Please anyone of you help me to resolve the issue. Thanks


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If possible can you please share screenshot of the error message.


Did you copy Main_process.xaml workflow from some other project folder ?

If yes then I guess it is developed with but this new project is creating with C# language. Because of that it’s not opening here.

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Yes I copied .Still is there any solution to pen the source code


If you are trying to copy the some workflows from other to project then please make sure both are developed using same language. It should be either or C#.

We can’t use two different languages in the same project. And also what ever language you are selecting at the time of creating new project it will be applicable to the entire project folder files but not each individual xaml file.

In your case you need to implement the same workflow starting from scratch in the new project as it is in different language.


Noted Lakshman. Thanks for your great support

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