SharedMailbox in Get Exchange Mail activity Not work in Sub-Folder

Hello Everyone

I have a problem with the new features Sharedmailbox in Get Exchange Mail activity.

The SharedMailbox property has been added to the Get Exchange Mail Messages activity. This property enables mail messages to be retrieved from a shared mailbox linked to an Exchange user account

This works perfectly if we put inbox, but not with subfolders.

I am trying to access the subfolder “process” within my shared mailbox “”

If I only put inbox, I agree without problems. Does the new functionality Sharedmailbox work in subfolders?


Hi Chechu,

Please check this post and see if it suits your needs:

Did you find a solution to this?

Hi, have you got a solution to " Get Exchange Mail Messages" from a subfolder?
Thanks for a Feedback!

This seems to be a common issue with Exchange. Looking for a solution.

Hi any news in this problem?


Hi ,

Any update ?