How to get the mail from exchange share folder



Hi, guys,
Now I want to get the mail from outlook,like Inbox\subInbox .But the folder is a share folder setted with exchange server.I used the activity [get outlook mail message],but it does not work.Can Anyone knows how to do that?

SharedMailbox in Get Exchange Mail activity Not work in Sub-Folder
Get Outlook Messages from Shared Inbox

Did you try this


vvaidya Thanks for your advice ,Normally it works well,but the mail folder is not like "\Inbox\Subfolder" but likes “Some one\Inbox\Subfolder”.I think it is the problem of the account profile.


Hi I am also encountering problems with the shared account…

does that mean the following: if my primary account is
and my shared account is: -> then I have to put into Account (from Input) the following: "\Inbox\Inbox"?
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I’m actually working on the same issue trying to resolve without any luck so far.



Did anyone find a solution for that?


Is this something someone at UiPath is currently looking into?
I hope you are able to correct this soon! And please let us know right away.

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