Problem with Move Outlook Mail Message Activity

Hi, I’m currently having problems with Move outlook Mail Message Activity as it does not work 100% of the time even with delay activity (15 seconds)(sometimes it manages to move the mail message whipe sometimes it doesnt(Stays at the same email folder)) right before the aforementioned activity, i tried to run the project I’m working on in debug mode but there wasnt any fault with the activity. Just curious if anyone faced the same problem as well


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We can try with MOVE EXCHANGE MAIL ACTIVITY where we need to configure our outlook account alone
Once after That is done it would work for sure
For more details

Cheers @Dave88

May be it is taking more than 15 seconds to move the mail message (in some cases).

Try this way -

After moving mail message to the desired folder.
Invoke another workflow to read the mails from the desired folder and see if that mail is moved successfully or not. If not moved trigger the move mail message sequence once again.

Just a thought.

Karthik Byggari

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Hey All,

I’m having having the same issue. Has anyone found a better way then just “checking” if its moved. The “Move Exchange Mail Message” won’t work in are current set up. It seems ridiculous that you have to look for your mail again to confirm its moved.

the error persist