Log Message with Screenshots

Hi UiPath Team,

I would like to share a feature suggestion for UiPath Log Message activity and Orchestrator.

We often take screenshots when an error occur or when we are running in some important part of the process for evidences.

Currently we add this screenshots in a folder and then log a message with the image path.

Would be really handy if the Orchestrator was able to embed a thumbnail of the screenshot in the logs.

In the Log Message activity we may have a checkbox just to inform that we want the screenshot embedded in the message.


In the Orchestrator a small icon show us that we have a screenshot embedded on the message. (maybe a base64 representation)

Then, with a mouse hover over the icon we get the preview with additional options (expand/download/send by email/etc…):

I think that it would be a great feature.


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I like this idea!

I see 2 potential issues:

  1. It could create some issues when it comes to storage space, if someone accidentally created an infinite loop with a log message like this inside. Thinking mostly about the Cloud version. Maybe it would help if it was limited to Enterprise users.
  2. The time of sending such a log message to Orchestrator would also increase significantly, but that might not be an issue :slight_smile:

I hope someone who actually knows if above are real issues will tell us. But if they are issues it would be nice to see your suggestion with the difference that instead of showing the picture in Orchestrator it gives the path to the screenshot.

Again - I like your idea!

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The good idea can be also if directly in Orchestrator when the process will be running will be the button to take screenshot on active VM.
I remember had this option when I worked with Process Robot (Softomotive). It was very helpful.

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It is indeed a cool idea, I’ve saved it in our internal tracker for our team to consider :slight_smile:

Also, I believe this is already partially covered with this recording feature available for unattended processes:

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I also would like this functionality.

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