How to send info to execution details in orchestrator


I am looking to make the error reporting more user friendly within orchestrator and pointing to the activity failing and potentially taking a screenshot. However all attempts are being added to logs or assertions (even from the global handler) .

How can i add the screenshot and update the exception thrown (UIElement not found) to provide name of the activity? (i am looking to update the fields as highlighted on screenshot below)


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We can add logs as per our need with the fields we want with this activity
With this we can send info or execution to orchestrator

Cheers @gregory.laszczewski

Hi Palaniyappan,

Add log fields doesn’t really solve my issue. I can display what i need in the logs (if i click on view logs - all information is there)

I am not sure how to post to the execution details (displayed in orchestrator - as per screenshot)

Would you happen to have an example?

in case of failure you can use the reason and details field of the transaction item.

All are about string so no image / screenshot can be added.
Maybe the filepath to a particular screenshot can be incorporated by you, thinking on the core Orchestrator features without additions of Dataservice /Storage Bucket

ok, found a way to send the screenshots for the failed execution.

About Recording (

So to send failed execution screenshots you need to:
Go to your folder (i used shared) and select automations.
Then from the list of processes, select the process you want to capture the screenshots on failure and click more actions, then Edit.
“Enable Recording” needs to be switched on under Additional Settings.

Automations>select process>more actions>edit>additional settings> Enable Recording (On)

Please note - this works only on unattended robots and permissions need to be set in robot setup under processes and jobs