Exception Screenshots saved to Queue Items in Orchestrator

When the RE Framework throws a system exception it takes a screenshot and dumps it in a designated folder.

The system exception error message is then logged to Orchestrator.

Could the option be added to add the screenshot, or automatically link the screenshot to the failed queue item on orchestrator, so that I can click on the (i) next to the failed item, and view the exception and screenshot in one place.

Alternatively, could the option be added to allow images be added to “Comments” on a transaction, so that I can manually add the screenshots to my System Exceptions?

The exception screenshots are on the way. Adding them to comments would be a nice addition.

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Hi badiya,

I have gone through many posts of you and found reply is really helpful.I have few questions
1)When we download UIpath studio community version then UiPath Robot also get installed so is this Uipath robot is attended or unattended?
2)Is there any community version to download only attended and unattended Robot?

It is all three in CE: Attended < Studio < Unattended. You may use it as you wish. It’s the same install kit, only how you license makes the difference.

Thanks for your swift reply! It means when we installed Community edition of UIpath studio then its upto us , how we want to use UIpath Robot(comes with UIpath studio) as attended or as unattended and the same we need to select from Orchestrate.

.Is there any way to check weather license Robot is attended or unattended


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