Liscense Orchestrator with Trial Version doesn't work

Hello everybody,

Since the new update of UiPath we have following problem:

We have 2 new Virtual Machines and got a trial code from UiPath. Since we already have 2 licenses (a Orchestrator License and a Studio License), but don’t want to remove the actual existing robots (We have 2 old virtual machines which we shut down), cause we need to use these robots all the time.

I used the trial code on our Studio and devoloper virtual Machine and it worked just fine.
Right now, I want to connect these Robots to another machine, which will
use the Orchestrator unattended robot license. We just need to test if everything works fine and then use the real licenses.
Normally we did it with a trial license and used following:

we used the regutil-funtion as described here: Regutil Command Descriptions

then put the generated offline-code to this website:

and could have a orchestrator-license for 6 weeks to test everything.

Right now, if I use regutil (I guess it is because of the new update) we can’t use this kind of validation and it always says: Invalid License Code.
We would like to continue our work and use the 6 week trial license for that. Does anyone have an alternative or new idea for that problem? Since the new update, I cannot find anything similar to this problem.
Thank you very much in advance.

I faced the same Issue a couple of days ago.

The problem was that I was working with an older UiPath version instead of 2019.10.

Since 2019.10, the platform that UiPath uses for licenses has changed, so any new license is not going to work in an older version.

To make it work with regutil (versions prior to 2019.10) you need to ask UiPath support for them to generate a new license key with the old platform and this will solve your issue, at least if you have enterprise licenses. I don’t know if they’ll do this for trial licenses

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