Assigning a robot license without Orchestrator using command line



We have two licenses 1x UiPath Studio (node locked) and 1x Attended robot (named user). I’ve successfully set up studio and the license on one laptop for development and now I’m trying to set up the robot on production another. I’ve installed UiPath on this robot production laptop, but I’m having difficulty assigning the robot license to the robot laptop.

As we don’t have an Orchestrator License, I understand that I have to go through command line to activate the license. Following the instructions on this page: I’ve:

  1. Installed UiPath using the .msi installer (given by UiPath in their license invoice email).
  2. Opened command prompt as administrator
  3. Navigated to C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath\
  4. Typed in regutil.exe activate /email=clientsEmailAddress /code=robotLicenseKey
    The client’s email address is the one on the invoice
    The license key is the robot one provided on the invoice
    Nothing is returned by this step. I get no feedback about whether this was successful or not.
  5. Typed in regutil.exe get-info
    The license info I get from this says that there are 0 attended robots. (It also gives the license status as 3).

I’ve tried to contact support directly, but they are slow to respond, and this issue is now causing delays in moving processes into production. So I’m hoping the community can help!


Possibly firewall blocking access to license server?


Hi @Rosie and @andrzej.kniola
I’m getting the same issue.
Network is fine, because another fields were updated.

Regutil.exe get-info
License code: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
License status: 1
Device id: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
License expire date: 2019/06/14 14:02:05 <==== Updated
Maintenance expire date: not set
Subscription expire date: 2019/06/17 14:00:00 <==== Updated
Attended: 0 <==== Why does not increment?
Unattended: 0
Free: 0
Dev: 0
Concurrent: false


Did you solved this Problem? i am facing it too.
Cheers :slight_smile:


to solve this issue you need to raise support call.


According to UiPath support this is not issue.
“regutil.exe get-info” response correctly if the robot is connecting to Orchestrator.


But how will it function without an orchestrator?