Link to Orchestrator Services Not Working

Hello, I am using the community edition and I am trying to use the demo orchestrator to follow along the level 2 training but I am not able to access the orchestrator.

Once I get to the services page within the cloud portal, where I understand I need to click on the services name to access, my services name link is not working not allowing me to access the orchestrator.

Can anyone help?

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Try clicking Ctrl + F5 to refresh the browser.

If that does not work, can you try modifying the url to get to it?

Change the url from


I tried refreshing it but no luck. I tried to then change the url to the specified one below, but I got a “Call Back URL mismatch error”. See below.

Buddy @jvac06
try to use INTERNET EXPLORER buddy
and use this linke
–enter any of the common authentication method like click google
and enter your gmail account credentials
–once after entering as you said click the services tab and click on your tenant name
This will work for sure
Cheers @jvac06

The authentication methods in IE don’t seem to be working. I tried it on edge too, I am able to log-in through there but same issue with clicking on the tenant name.


This should work. “cloud.*” was the old name and causes problems in some situations like this one.


that link worked, thank you @tarekmadkour! :grinning:

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I am able to log in to or and see the service. When I click on the service, I get ‘unexpected error’ (code 500).
So I tried the link given by tarekmadkour but it did not work for me. It says ‘account not found’.
Deleting the service and creating a new one did not help either.
Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to uipath community
Kindly have a view on this thread buddy

Cheers @Udayan

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Thanks a ton Palani! Disabling IPv6 worked!
Regards, Udayan

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