Registration via Orchestrator


I am trying to get a license for UIPath Orchestrator. Given below are the steps described in the screenshots.


Connected uipath robot to Orchestrator screenshot

I am in uipath Robots tab. I see a settings tab under EDIT under that I don’t see a Orchestrator URL and Machine key given below is the screen shot.


It says “Robot does not exist” and could not obtain license even though i am connected in the earlier screen shot.

Can you provide me a Orchestrator license and machine key?

Given below is the Robot connection screenshot. It doesn’t say the Robot is connected expect the button caption says disconnected. So i am assuming its connected. The status below says the “The Robot is unavailable”. but in the Dashboard it says “Robot is available”.


If you go to logs they are no information on any logs.

Hi @visajagan,
Have you created machine in Machines tab? You need to create it based on this instruction: