Linear RE Frame Template

I have created a linear transaction template by doing some mods in the RE FrameWork. it ran successfully in the test but now when I want to add activities In that template it shows me the workflow in Red Mark. Why is it so?
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I I tried to run the template, but now it shows me this error.

Import Arguments is orange because the arguments set in the activity don’t match what’s in the referenced XAML file. Click the Import Arguments button to update it.


  1. Look slike the gettransactionstatus.xaml is removed or moved…can you please check
  2. If not click on import arguments and import the arguments back…

But I believe the xaml itself is moved or misplaced


yes I have commented out transactionstatus xaml bcz I am doing linear transactions

hi @Anirudh_Tugawe

It looks like that you removed this file from your project. Can you check that first?
if you have removed that, please delete this invoke workflow or comment it, hoping that you made the necessary changes.



Then you have to remove the invoke calls as well…without xaml how would you invoke it?


one more way to make it linear is here


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i am checking the same

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