Here I made some changes in “GetTransactionData.xmal” for using it for Linear process. but I am trying to re-use it I am not able to open this xmal , its already highlighted in RED.

How can I open it?

Click on the folder & reselect the get transaction data in your invoke.


Recheck the folder name whether the name which is in the project folder is same or not

Basically it occurs when there is a name change in the folders

Recheck the folder path/name

@AJ_Ask @Shiva_Nikhil I directly tried to open that saved xmal from the project panel but no use.

Is the studio version different for your reusable component xaml. Try to create new Re-framework & copy that get transaction data xaml in the new one.


You will see that read highlight when the xaml is missing…can you manually check if the file is present and is in same frameowrk folder


yes XMAL is present in the folder


Did you try reselectong the xaml