Binding Out_Transaction Item to Transaction Item issue

Hi Friends,

I am trying to create a project with REFramework. But when i am running always getting ‘Process finished due to no more transaction data’.
I have searched that and found that may be i need to ‘Out_Transaction Item to Transaction Item’ but when i am trying to do so i am unable to do.
Eveytime i am doing it is getting blanked out after saving.
From properties section when i am seeing it is showing fine:

But when i click on import arguments it is shown blank.

I am unable to come out of this and feeling very down.
Ui path version is 2019.6.

I am attaching my project as well.
Please guide where am i making mistake.
Any help would be really really appreciable.

NitinMain.xaml (49.8 KB)


First you have to click on Import Arguments and then Arguments section in properties and add vales and then save it.

Hi Lakshman,

Thanks for your quick response.
I have followed steps which u had mentioned.
First clicked on import Arguments put in value as transaction item and clicked ok.

Then Clicked on arguments able to see transaction item binded to out_transactionitem.

But again balnk value in out_transactionItem in import arguments.

Not sure where i am making mistake.
Kindly guide.

Many Thanks in advance,

Also friend even if i am deleting out_TransactionItem after clicking import arguments tab its getting auto populated.
i.e, Total import arguments were 7 when i deleted becomes 6 for a moment but again become 7 by itself.

Kindly look into my problem.

Many thanks.


Follow below steps

  1. First inside the workflow, declare required arguments and specify direction.
  2. Use Invoke Workflow activity to invoke that workflow and then click on Import Arguments and it will import all declared arguments from that workflow.
  3. Then go to Input -> Argument section and add values to those arguments and save it.

Note: Don’t click Import Arguments button again after these 3 steps. If you will do it again it will disappear.

Hi LAkshman,

No luck yet.
Really i am highly frustrated now.
I have sent u my main xaml file.Could you please look into that and guide me.
I am stuck for 2-3 days and really frustrated.
I have to give my certification exam and think without solving this issue will not be able to clear exam.


Hi friend.try to save arguments where you add. And then you can import arguments. Ur forgetting to save the arguments where u have created first.