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Hi Team,
I would like to thank Uipath Team for RE framework. It’s simple amazing for transactional process.

Can we get a similar framework for linear process? Even though we can modify the RE framework for this. It has some problems on retry mechanism etc. Thats why I am asking for a separate framework for linear process.

Request others to VOTE for this feature!!!

Hi @vasanth8891,

This can be achieved by doing some changes to the existing re-framework.
Below video describes the steps that can be carried out to modify the same.

You can even create another reframework template specifically for linear processes and use it.

Also, there is a tutorial available on UiPath Academy on how to use reframework for linear processes.



I found a simple solution in the RE Framework Documentation pdf for Linear process.

“For cases in which there is only a single transaction (i.e., a linear process), the developer should add an If activity to check whether the argument in_TransactionNumber has the value 1 (meaning it is the first and only transaction) and assign the transaction item to out_TransactionItem. In such cases, for any other value of in_TransactionNumber, out_TransactionItem should be set to Nothing (Figure 7).”


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Hi @vasanth8891,

If your query has been resolved, I would suggest to mark solution so this topic can be closed.


REFramework is, IMO, bloated and poorly designed. It’s also overkill for most automations, in my experience. I built my own “framework” template that is much simpler and easier to deploy and manage.

@postwick , I am sorry to disagree with you. RE framework is the best suited for transaction based process. For linear process, it’s up to you have your own framework. I am saying this from my own experience, I have marveled at how RE framework executes beautifully in transaction based process.

There are better ways than RE Framework, for transactional processes. RE Framework is bloated and overcomplicated. Basically, RE Framework needs to be redone from scratch. The way it breaks things up is unnecessary and confusing. Using all those separate XAML files is highly inefficient and makes it very difficult to find what is happening where.

Start with their more basic template that’s for transactional processes, and modify it out to have error handling etc built in and you’ll have something better than REF.

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