REFrame work question

I am trying to make REFramework fit for my following process.

My process has Accessing a web site, doing some selections, search, select each row of data, data processing and saving screen shots.

I am planning to use Process.xaml in REFramework which can call 4 other sequences. Can I comment out GetTransactionData.xaml and ProcessTransactionData.xaml? Which other processes do I need to disable?

Please suggest best fit REFramework to my process.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi @A_Learner

if you are not working on queues/transaction …you can go with something called as non transactional RE Framework

in other words disabling get transacction would work too

Please remove set transaction status workflow. It is not required in this case.
Set transaction is used only with queues.

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yes you can disable the get Transaction state

then it will become as a linear process

Hope this helps

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Thank you. How about RetryCurrentTransaction.xaml

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yes disable that as well @A_Learner


You can disable it

Hello @A_Learner

In your case,it seems like a straightforward linear process without transactional data.
You Can Use this xamls and Comment or Remove some xamls

  1. Main.xaml: Leave this as is, as it’s the entry point for your automation.

  2. InitAllApplications.xaml: You can keep this if you need to initialize applications or systems before your main process begins.

  3. GetTransactionData.xaml & Process Transaction Data.xaml: You can Comment it out or remove this workflow

  4. EndProcess.xaml: Leave this as is for any cleanup or finalization steps.

  5. Framework\SetTransactionStatus.xaml: You can Comment it out or remove
    this workflow

In your “Main.xaml,” you can then sequence your activities to access the website, perform selections, search, select rows of data, perform data processing, and save screenshots directly. You can also implement error handling, retries, and any other necessary logic in the “Main.xaml.”


You would not comment out anything

rather you would convert ref to linear format

For that you need to modify get transaction data by commenting out the activity to interqct with queue inside it and use if condition and set the transactionitem to a value only if the transactionnumber is 1 else set it to nothing

For detailed flow check this



Thank you for the pointer, @Anil_G

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Thank you, @vinitha_yachamaneni

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