Licensing Options

Dear @ovi

I need your assistance to clarify the licensing model in order to achieve the best option for my scenario:

  1. The machine that will execute the automations will be a Virtual Machine located in a corporate network Domain
  2. A few domains users (4-6 final users) will have access to that Virtual Machine in order to execute the automations
  3. Only one instance (one logged user) of Uipath will be executed at time. No concurrent access to execute automations.
  4. All The automations needs user intervention, for data input, attended mode, under direct user control
  5. Only one automation process will be launched at time. When one process ends, the user will launch the following automation.


  1. I only need one license for that VM? Which one fits better? For example: UiPath - Attended Robot - Named User?

  2. For developing purposes, for now, only one developer will do the job, do I need an additional license fo this? For example: UiPath - Studio - Named User?

Waiting for your reply.

Thank you all in advance,


Please assist me @ovi @ClaytonM

Thank you in advance.

Waiting for your reply.


Hi @Masta

For this scenario, you could probably get away with 1 Development Named Studio license (that will be installed on that 1 VM machine).

This will allow you to develop a robot and run it. While a robot will be running, you will not be able to develop another process though (one can only run 1 robot per user, so you will be able to edit another project, but not run it while another project is running).
See here:

You can always contact our licensing support if still in doubt :slight_smile: