UiPath License usage

Hi Team,

We got one license for UIPath from client. My question is: Can 2-3 person can parallelly work on UIPath using that same license?


Unfortunately not, assuming you mean UiPath Studio licenses, you will need one license per developer

yes it is studio license. Suppose uipath is installed in one server and two persons accessing that same server then both can work on that uipath right?

Yes! If the licence is installed on one server computer, each user connected by remote can use it. Tested and approved :slight_smile:

There are also different types of Licenses which have an effect on concurrent usage. See below for more info:

Thanks Elya for your response.
In our case UIPath will be installed in one remote desktop. not on a windows server. Suppose 2 persons connecting to the remote desktop(where licensed UIPath is present) with different UserID then also 2 people can work parallely work on that Uipath - Do I have right understanding?

Yep, but not at the same moment ofc.

Thanks, I will check the document. One quick question: Are there two types of license one for studio and one for orchestrator or same we can use in both the place?

Even if two persons are connected to the remote machine, Are you saying that they can’t work simultaneously?

Hi @Bipasha_Dutta, I’m not sure if I have understood the question correctly, but if you are asking if you need more than one license to have Studio and Orchestrator then yes, these are two separate licenses.

Licenses fall into 4 categories, each of which require their own license, and have their own distinct role within the overall UiPath platform, but you do not need all of them to create and run functioning robots:

  • Orchestrator (The robot control center, a distinct server to control and manage the robotic workforce)
  • Unattended Robots (Robots which run pre-made scripts on servers in the background, the real robot ‘worker’)
  • Attended Robots (Robots which run pre-made scripts in live environments alongside humans, these are generally supporting human activity in real time)
  • Studio (The development environment where you can create scripts to give to the robots, which also includes the general functionality of an attended robot)

However within these categories you also have different types of license, for example you can have a (standard) Named User Studio Instance, but you can also get a Concurrent Studio License, which would I think help with your above question about multiple users using licenses at the same time.