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Hi, I want to know about named user licence and what its prerequistics and after obtaining licence key, what I have to do with it.

Named User

This type of license is available for Attended and Development Robots.

A type of license that empowers the user. It enables him or her to register any number of Robots on any machine, as long as the same Active Directory username is present on all of them. The user is not allowed to use multiple Robots simultaneously.

Hi Karthik,

Yes, I saw that part before. Can you explain elablorately on any pre requistics … and other details on it…

Prerequisites are - software and hardware requirements.
Hope you already know this.
Other than that I don’t think you no need any prerequisites.
How to make use of named license is clearly explained in the licensing part.

If you want to know more details about licensing - there is a topic licensing in the uipath academy.

Karthik Byggari

Hi Karthik,

I am unable to access licensing part in academy. I know only community editions and enterprise edition… where the named user licence fit into it… and unattended robots also can use named user licence

Only for attended robots.
As per docs: This type of license is available for Attended and Development Robots.

Hi Karthik,
Pls correct me, if I am wrong:

Uipath studio: have only enterprise and community edition licence
Uipath robot: have named user, concurrent, node type of licence???

Yes. You are right.

Hi Karthik,

Here i have one doubts,Please correct me if i am wrong.
1 . How can i get only run license without orchestrator ?(Attended robot )