I have set up a VDI machines with Uipath and provided access to different user, but its asking licence for new users

Hi All,
As stated on the title, I have setup a developer bot on the virtual machine and deployed multiple processes in it.
But since the processes have different stakeholders. I have given them access to the virtual machine to which they can connect using remote desktop. But when they login using their credentials, Uipath is asking for a licence. Does the Developer licence not work with the same machine but different logins. I also have an attended licence, let me know if I can instead use that for multiple logins.
Thanks in Advance!
Any light you can shed on it will be helpful.


It seems that you have a licensing problem.

Do you use Orchestrator as well?

Thank you.

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Yes, I use orchestrator as well. Currently I have licence for developer and attended bots.

Please create a robot using the other users credentials and you’ll be able to use UiPath.

Can you try this and provide me with feedback?

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Yes, I can do that, but if we have to provide access to multiple users. Then I will need to create a robot everytime. Is there any licence where we can just provide it on the machine irrespective of which user logs in the machine. Maybe Attended Bot - Concurrent user?

If that VM is not connected to orchestrator you won’t need to create a robot for each user. Else, you will need to create a robot for each user.

If you want to solve it in other way, you can check the UiPAth License Model: