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We are current have to initiate the UI automation project, wan to know the license information: we got the following from the website:

Product - Price (USD) / year - License
Robot, Back Office - X,XXX - Node-locked
Robot, Front Office - X,XXX - Authorized user
Robot, Front Office - X,XXX - Node-locked
Studio - X,XXX- Authorized user
Studio - X,XXXX - Node-locked
Orchestrator - XX,XXXX - Server

I got some questions :

  1. what is the difference between back office and front office robot?
  2. what is the difference between “Node-locked” and “Authorized user” front office robot?
  3. what is the difference between “Node-locked” and “Authorized user” Studio?
  4. why for “back office robot” only have “Node-locked” license but “front office robot” can have “Authorized user” license.?
    let me update my findings:

  1. what is the difference between back office and front office robot?
    Front office/Back office robot is just only subscription type.
    Back office Robot can managed and triggered/run/scheduled from Orchestrator. Frond office robot can not be triggered/run from Orchestrator. can be run/triggered from 4 ways: studio, robots agent, command line, REST command.
  2. Node locked and Authorized different
    Pending update…
    current understanding is:
    without orchestrator, we have to buy the Node-locked? hope somebody can update the answer…


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