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Repeating the question above:
Whats difference between Authorized user and Node-locked?
Robot, Front Office - X,XXX - Authorized user
Robot, Front Office - X,XXX - Node-locked

Add on question, can someone also confirm (or maybe provide information link) on the following:
–From my understanding after reading the online material, we can use Front Office Robot to run multiple processes (one per time at the Front Office PC), not limited to one process only per Front Office Robot. Am I correct?
–Assuming Front Office License need to be installed per PC, can we remove and move to another PC anytime we want?
–Once Front Office License installed in that PC, does it tied to one user login or all user login can use that Robot?

Summary of differences of both Robots for reference.
The Back Office Robot has been renamed to Unattended. It can be started from Orchestrator and can run under a locked screen without human supervision.

The Front Office Robot has been renamed to Attended. It cannot run under a locked screen and it cannot be started from Orchestrator. This type of Robot is triggered by a user and runs only under human supervision.

As far as I get it now…

Type of License:

  1. Robots
  • Unattended
  • Attended - node locked
  • Attended - user authorized
  • Free (for testing)
  1. Studio
  • only 1 type?
    if there is only one type of studio license, is it a user or node based license?
  1. Orchestrator
  • only 1 type?

Is the above compilation complete and correct?

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Authorized User: Only one user will have the access to run UiPath automation, but he can use multiple pc’s
Node Locked: Licence will be autothorised to one pc only. where multiple user can login.