UiPath's licensing and function



Hi all,
I am considering introducing UiPath.
Please let me know about licensing and function.

[Question 1]
“License is only subscription type, there is no buyout type.” and
"I can get official support only during the subscription agreement." are correct?

[Question 2]
Please tell me the difference between the front office and the back office.
It is planned to use a standalone version on a PC dedicated to robot execution.
In addition, there is always a dialogue with the UI for processing.
In this case, do I need a front office version?

Thanks in advance.


Checkout this thread - let me know if you have any more questions…



I have same concern with you,did you find answer for your questions. please share.



Hi, In my opnion it is as follows.

There is only subscription type.
Front Office:Standalone type to run as logged in user.

  • Even Front Office Robot can perform periodic execution by Task Scheduler.
    Back Office:Schedule Executable server type.

In my case, I am planning to select Front Office because it is standalone and GUI operation is essential.


Hi @flightboy

Thanks for the sharing.

I have another question, may be you can answer.

Do you have any idea the difference of “Note-locked” / “Authorized User” Studio/Robots license?, they have different price.


Node-locked:Tied to the device(device ID)
Authorized User:Tied to users(email address)

UiPath licenses

thanks @flightboy

Node-locked:Tied to the device(device ID)
Authorized User:Tied to users(email address)

I noticed the Node-locked Robot/Studio is much expensive than Authorized User. what is your selection on that?


I prepared a PC dedicated to robot execution, so I selected Node-locked type.



If i may ask The UIPATH TRIAL license is Node-locked or Authorized User ?
Many thank