Newbie questions

As usual, I asked finance for a license and that’s what I got… just a license, no documentation etc.

So, Just some really basic questions

  1. They gave me a backoffice license. This means one unattended UIrobot correct? Is there a limit to how many tasks I give to this robot ? or how often this robot can run within a given time frame?

  2. Orchestrator asks for a license which opens a file select prompt. Where will i find the license?

  3. I am currently using CE, do i just add the license to this? or do we have to host orchestrator ourselves?

  4. If we do use the uipath hosted orchestrator, what info is logged? my robot will be sending client sensitive information over emails, is it GDPR safe?

Many thanks

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My Comments as below

  1. These details would have been requested by your organization during the purchase of license. Your team should be able to help here
  2. - refer this section in guide which will provided insight about licensing about orchestrator
  3. Nope. in this the data is refreshed once in a while and you may loose your settings
  4. No transaction related data is stored in Orchestrator