Level 3 training Exercise 2 Process Transaction problem

Hi All,

In my process workflow the first activity I have is Invoke the System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails.xaml

I have an error message on my in_transactionItem value.

The error message is this


This is my process (to not get the answer)

First I need to work out where in_TransactionItem comes from

So in REFFramework I go to main → General Business Process → Process Transaction

In there is Invoke Process transaction workflow with input arguments in_Transaction coming from the variable TransactionItem

So now I need to find Transaction Item because maybe this is what doesn’t have the default value.

The TransactionItem variable is populated from main → General Business Process → Get Transaction Data

From the invoke GetTransactionData the out_TransactionItem argument populates the TransactionItem variable.

So do I have to put a Default value into the TransactionItem variable which is a DataRow type? If so what do I put and why do I have to put a default value.

Maybe that’s not the problem and the issue is in the GetTransactionData workflow.




GetTransactionData.xaml (11.1 KB)

Hey @charliefik,

Use in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“WIID”).ToString instead of in_TrasactionItem(“WIID”)
as you are getting the content from the queue item!


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My Hero! Thanks v much good spot thanks for taking the time to look at this. All the best

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I’m a man on a mission :wink:

Ahh! Small problem


in_WIID is an int32.

Any chance your massive brain can solve that problem

You forgot the .ToString my man :wink:

So it can implicitly convert from string to in but not from object. Sorry about that

if this doesnt work try putting the whole thing inside Cint()

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Doesn’t like that type of conversion either
Will do as you suggest Cint

Thats one less exclamation mark for the time being. Looking forward to creating many more thanks v much

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I’ve changed the type of in_WIID from int32 to String inside the workflow to avoid using .ToString all the time , hence told you to do the .ToString, didn’t see you’re using int32!

Good thinking batman!

Hi Advanced people,

In my NavigateTo_WIDetails workflow I am getting compilation errors in my arguments, first one in in_WIID

The other one in System1_URL argument:

I’ve tried diffrent workarounds, but can’t find the solution, could you please help me to find out why?