Having error in process xaml file.i have attached the screenshot of the error which am getting.Please help me to sort out this!

Compiler(s) encountered processing expression in_TransactionItem(“in_WIID”).ToString. option strict on disallows implicit conversions from ‘string’ to ‘integer’


I think you are getting the value of in_WIID from the queue, if yes use the below expression.

can you use in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“WIID”).ToString


Open system1 navigate to WIDetails xaml file and check variable type for in_WIID

have checked both are in string datatype

it shown a new error like “speciffic content is not a member of string”


Here, TransactionItem is what type of variable ?

it is in string


Why you are using in_Transaction item in your workflow, can you provide more information and are you trying to access the WIID from queue.


I think Transactionitem is datarow type here.

And also what you are passing to transactionItem in Get TransactionData workflow ?


If you are using orchestrator then change Transactionitem type to queueItem.

am not using orchestrator!! am getting from config file


And also what you are passing to transactionItem variable in Get TransactionData workflow ?

Hi @Anju_Sekharan,

Why are you getting the values of WIID from the config file these values are extracted from the table in the acme website and then its merged with URL to navigate to particular page.

Please be more specific what are you trying to achieve so that we can help you better.

Oops!! you were correct. URL alone am taking from config file.WIID getting from the extracted table. in that case i have imported arguement correctly right? in_TransactionItem(“in_WIID”).ToString

Hi @Anju_Sekharan,

If the WIID value is from the datatable then why are you using in_Transaction Item which is a string variable, you should be passing values from the datatable which has the column of WIID.

You can use for each row and row(“WIID”).tostring and extract WIID value and navigate to the page and perform different actions.