Assignment1 Process Transaction

hi, can you help me confirm, what should be the values for my arguments here? Thanks everyone!

Change data type of in_TransactionItem to System.Data.DataRow

hi @KarthikByggari, do you mean an array of type datarow?

Not an array. Just DataRow.

ok, but what about my in_WIID, what should be its value?

in_WIID value should be the link to the work item details

in_WIID = “work-items/” + in_TransactionItem(“WIID”)
in_System1_URL = in_config(“in_System1_URL”).ToString

In the workflow, attach to browser, in the URL → in_System1_URL + in_WIID

For example: The final value in URL looks like this => ACME System 1 - Log In

Karthik Byggari

but in_WIID is of type Integer

in the GetTransactionData.xaml…
argument out_TransactionItem is of type QueueItem…
how do I then set TransactionID = out_TransactionItem(“WIID”).ToString – this is not working for me, please help, thanks :slight_smile:

Its the same thing we discussed in the other thread.

In assignment1 TransactionItem is of type DataRow.
The queue related activities need to be removed from the process.

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