Level 3 -Assignment 2- How to Pass WIList to GetTransactionData workflow


Hi all
Hi How were you able to get WI_List out onto the : "Init State ( by passing arguments) I tried to pass as Datarow[] , but i can’t display the count in a write line ( by passing In_WIList_Test through a For each loop ) . so I can’t figure if any data has come out " ?

InitAllApplication Workflow

the data rows are fetched as DataRow[] and the count is being displayed while in that workflow.
Please see snapshot below


Invoke workflow of InitAllApplications

But when I try to get the DataRow[] out through the invoke workflow I can get the value out onto the main page .

Please see snapshot below.

Main WorkFlow

Please see some more info . in the main workflow the DataRow is not getting displayed.


Your ‘GetTransactionData.xaml’ should an ‘Out’ argument with Variable Type as DataRow

E.g. in_FilteredWIs (Variable Type: DataRow[] as IN)

When you invoke your ‘GetTransactionData.xaml’ from within the ‘Get Transaction Data’ state, you will set your Filtered DataRow[] (In your case its in_WIList_Test i believe) variable for the in_FilteredWIs.

Your GetTransactionData.xaml will now set the out_TransactionItem & out_TransactionID as below:
out_TransactionItem = in_FilteredWIs(in_TransactionNumber - 1)
out_TransactionID = out_TransactionItem(“WIID”).ToString

Both the Out Variables will set the specific value to the similar variables under Main.xaml

Let me know if that’s not what you were doing.

Rammohan B.