Level 3 Assignment 1

How, do I get “output.count” near [in_TransactionNumber <=]
Where “output” is the one that contains data of Wl5 type got from DataScrape wizard.
Please help me out I am stuck out here.

  1. In Init state you have a workflow Extract_WI Items that will give you Out argument Out_WIList which would be of type DataRow array of DataRow
  2. Assign that Out argument to local variable in Main.xaml lets say Out_WIList=WIList
  3. Send this array WIList as an In argument in GetTransaction data
  4. Then you can use this in_TransactionNumber<= in_WIList.Count

Thanks buddy.

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In my case, the its going to “Else” part and not to the “THEN” part and hence my code is not working as expected. Please help me out.

In init workflow get extracted data table in n Out argument like this

Then have a Local variable in Main.xaml as WIList and assign WI5 items to it like this


Then while calling GetTransactionData.Xaml from GetTransactionData state pass this variable as in argument

Then you can check the value of in_WIList.Count in GetTransactionData.

I hope this helps.


The above gives error and in case of below one “THEN” part is not executed in GetTransactionData.xaml as told earlier. Please help me out.

Yes the data type should be array of Datarow

Have you tried to print the count of WIList items in main workflow then in GetTransactionData.xaml.

Please verify that you have passed arguments correctly.


I found out the mistake it was a silly one!

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Hello all,
I am trying to assign the id of the current transaction from the datarow and i came across this error.
Please help.

This if condition comes first


And after this if comes


Don not edit the variable assignment in that assign let it be as now.toString
Only change is required on the beginning of the workflow not for the logging seq.

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i have done that.

but in academy(level 3) they have mentioned to change it .

nope, only the first one which you have already done. :slight_smile:

oh ok thanks man. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply

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