Level 3 Assignment 2 - Dispatcher - Can pull data, but keeps looping back to Init

As the title states…I’m able to scrape data, move to the next page, and upload to the Orchestrator queue, but only when I slightly modify as a workaround to my problem. So, the Process Transaction state, if setup as it should be, is apparently throwing a System Error, and then looping back to Init (and re-opening IE, navigating to the work list, etc.). Any thoughts on how to chase this error down? Nothing is sticking out to me, and as I said, scraping and uploading to the queue seem to work.

Hello @mnease,

I also facing same issue but I did an workaround by stopping workflow after uploading all queue items for first time because even I did not found any solution for this although I recreated complete workflow twice but still facing issue.

By the way I passed this assessment using above workaround :slight_smile:

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Happy Automation! :slight_smile:

To follow up on this, I passed Assignment 2 with the workaround…make all results from the Process state loop back to the Get Transaction state, regardless of status. Frustrating though, to not know the root cause.

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This message is facing me when i run Performer project
“message”: “Error getting transaction data for Transaction Number: 1. Orchestrator information is not available. Please check if UiPath Robot Service is started. at Source: Get Transaction Item”,}
I would like to know what is the error that prevent Perfomer project to run

It may happen if there is any error in activities, RE framework will close and re-initialize from that point onward and since it did not completed it will loop back (as you already mentioned), best way to chase is to use step infor of each step until you pin point where is the error, resolve it and you will be through :slight_smile: