Infinite loop on "Processing Transaction Number: xx" in Generate Yearly Report for Vendor

Hello botsmasters!
I’m about to finish the Dispatcher activity on Level 3 Activity 3 of UiPath training. I can add queue items successfully on the orchestrator, with the correct details. But my problem is my robot is looping infinitely (means after scraping the table and uploading queueitems, it will again scrape the table and upload queueitems - resulting to infinite loop and too many queueitems on the orchestrator).

I know that the looping mechanism is in the Main (Workflow)>>Get Transaction Data (State)>>New Transaction (Transition). On the log it writes “Processing Transaction Number: xx” with xx as integer from 1 to infinite.

It’s not indicated on how to stop this loop, and maybe you could suggest some. Thanks in advanced and happy automating!

Hello again!

After analyzing the logic behind the looping process, I came up with this workaround.

1.) On the Main>>Get Transaction Data State, scroll to the bottom. You will find the Transition(s) for this state.
2.) Click on the New Transaction. You will now be inside the New Transaction Transition. Here you have 2 conditions, (1) New Transaction and (2) No Data.
3.) Change the value of the conditions accordingly:

New Transaction:
From - TransactionItem IsNot Nothing
To - TransactionItem IsNot Nothing and TransactionItem = “1”

No Data:
From - TransactionItem Is Nothing
To - TransactionItem > “1”

4.) Run and Enjoy!

Regards and happy automating! :slight_smile:


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