Dispatcher and performer-Assignment 2

My Dispatcher is working fine I am able to add the WIID to Orchestrator Queue.
But when I run the Performer My work flow login to acme continously in separate browsers until i need to stop the flow forcefully.


have u given by screenshot?

Could you please check if you’re getting any error in process transaction? And your login work flow is in Init state, right?


Yes…My login workflow is in Init state…Here I am uploading my error SS

in_TransactionItem is declared as a String argument, and you’re sending another type. Please check.

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As per you guidance i have changed in_transactionitem to Queue item. It process upto transaction 3 but when i verifed the orchestrator it showed In progress. So I deleted the Queues and run the workflow. now i am getting process finished no transaction data. SS attached

Do you have items in the queue? If you emptied the queue you will need to run the Dispatcher again.

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OK let me run the dispatcher

Oh! Now I got this I think it is working…what next. but still it is showing in progress

Now you process them. But again, you have to empty the queue and rerun Dispatcher. Good luck :smiley:

Still it is showing in progress…what is the reason for in progress !!!

When a queue item is retrieved it changes it’s status to In Progress.
In ReFramework the status is set in SetTransactionStatus. You must see if that workflow is being called.