Assignment 2 : Error getting transaction data for transaction number:1 error converting value "1" to type uipath.core.queueitem path

I got stuck at assignment. By looking into Assignment 2 walkthrough, somehow proceed with assignment but not clear the navigation between init state to get transaction data

1st I thought dispatcher should be in get transaction data but after looking walkthrough PDF,updated according but not clear with steps

Facing error at get transaction data work flow : error getting transaction data for transaction number:1 error converting value “1” to type uipath.core.queueitem path

Main.xaml (58.3 KB)
GetTransactionData.xaml (11.2 KB)

@Leela_Javvaji Can you upload complete workflow? (93.7 KB)

PFA.flow not complete.Got stuck at get transaction data

can u pls help where i have gone wrong

Ya sure I reply you in sometime.

@Leela_Javvaji Since your not getting values from Queue. Change transaction item to string type everywhere in the workflow even in while passing arguments.

I have used orchestrator queue to upload work items already

Walkthrough mentioned: TransactionItem type needs to be QueueItem

@Leela_Javvaji But in your workflow which u have sent me, never did uploading to queue.

In Process.xaml, have used queues

I tried to follow walkthrough PDF somehow missed the flow at get transaction data.

@Leela_Javvaji Uploading to queues has to be done in init state or Get Transaction data state not in Process state. Same procedure to be followed same as assignment1.

@Leela_Javvaji In GetTransactionData module you have get data from queue no other activities are not required to perform.

Its throwing error " Log Message : Object reference not set to instance of object"

@Leela_Javvaji Might be your value is not passing from arguments for time being disable the log message.

while passing Transaction Table argument your not providing any value. Please give correct value to it.

I just cross checked my workflow and the error is at get transaction item @ get transaction data . When I used write line activity for in_Config(“OrchestratorQueueName”).ToString its throwing error “object reference not set to an instance of an object”

Unable to get why get transaction item is not fetching queue values which are already uploaded

@Leela_Javvaji queuename is not getting from dictionary. This might be because of incorrect passing of arguments but I am unable to find it out. I hope someone may help you on this.