Conversion of variable datarow array to argument


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I have completed foundation training, currently doing assignment 1. I have been going through an issue for the past 1 week, pls help…
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(req reply from others too, as I have read most of these ppl’s posts…)

I have populated the datatable and assigned the required rows to a datarow array. But i’m not able to assign it to an ouput datarow argument which will later on act as transaction items list… Reply if u dnt understand my question…

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Hey @binta.deena

So TransactionItem is a DataRow, whereas WIList is DataRow[].

I belive you have to pass the id of the datarow of WIList you are trying to access. It should be like ‘TransactionItem’ = ‘WIList(0)’ for 0th Row. However for the assignment TransactionNumber can act as that id.

Let me know if it helps.


@Rammohan91… Thanks a lot, it Worked… :slight_smile:



Hi all
I am facing a similar issue and cannot find a solution . Please can you help .

InitAllApplication Workflow

the data rows are fetched as DataRow[] and the count is being displayed while in that workflow.
Please see snapshot below


Invoke workflow of InitAllApplications

But when I try to get the DataRow[[ out through the invoke workflow I can get the value out onto the main page .

Please see snapshot below.

Main WorkFlow

Please see some more info . in the main workflow the DataRow is not getting displayed.


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What’s the Error that you seeing? Are you saying there is no row data under in_WiList_Test variable even after passing the arguments?

You should have been invoking the workflow related to Extraction of Workitems(e.g. System1_Extract_Workitem.xaml) from within the Init state of Main.xaml itself.
Store the ‘Out’ DataTable argument from the extraction workflow to a datatable variable in main.xaml.
Apply the Select Method to this DataTable and then Store it into a DataRow[] Array variable. Till here it goes into the Init of Main.xaml

Let me know if that helps.

Rammohan B.