Level 3 - Assignment 1. WIList issue


I´ve an issue with WIList filtering in Main (Init. workflow). The filtering process (WI5 type and Open Status) of extracted items is working great only in “Extract_WorkItem_DataTable” workflow, but it doesn´t work in Main workflow.

Also, I can´t see how many filtered items I actually have by using Message box function in Main workflow, but at the same time it works great in “Extract_WorkItem_DataTable” workflow.

This is the reason, why “GetTransactionData - Copy.xaml” workflow doesn´t work, as GetTransactionData workflow has informed me, that TransactionData can´t be null, as WIList isn´t avaliable in outside of “Extract_WorkItem_DataTable”, so GetTransactionData workflow can´t see extracted data (WIList).

Could anyone please help in solving of this issue?

Best regards,

GetTransactionData - Copy.xaml (9.8 KB) Main - Copy II.xaml (61.9 KB) System1_Extract_WorkItem_DataTable.xaml (11.0 KB)

Can you share the whole process in whole!!! I think you may need to increase the scope of the variable to whole process!!!


Sure. My main workflow has the next variables:

Also, “Extract_WorkItem_DataTable” workflow has the next argument and variables:

This is how my “Extract_WorkItem_DataTable” workflow looks like:

The main problem belongs to extracted data from Acme System. This data can´t be transferred from “Extract_WorkItem_DataTable” workflow to Main workflow, but at the same time, extracting process in “Extract_WorkItem_DataTable” workflow works perfectly.



Now this issue is solved, by using CSV functions. In a nutshell, extracted data was saved in csv file and after that this data was using in Get Transaction workflow.


Martinvomm, I think by using that isn’t the correct practice to get it done!!! Though it would save work load… Can I have the original workflow… As far I see I think you must pass the data table from Init to main process flow!!!

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