Level 3 - Assignment 1 Help/Advice

Hi All,

In Level 3, Assignment 1 - I am stuck at Get transaction Data workflow.


  1. While fetching data from workflow-ExtractWorkItemData for All 135 Items and 19 WI5, It was of type DataTable.
  2. While using in GetTransactionData Workflow it is mentioned to define as an Array of DataRow (which is of type DataRow) . So while trying to get data its not fetching anything.

– I Have used Write Range and verified that No.1 Excel got all data counts but No2. No Data.
I was following the Walkthrough doc of Calc Client Security Hash Document.

Please Advice or let me know if you need any other info/file.


In Get Transaction Data workflow, define TransactionData as DataTable instead of Array of DataRow.


Thanks Lakshman, I have to change all related data types inside. But let me try and raise hands if any doubts.

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