Process finished due to no more transaction data - Assignment 1

Dear All

I have struggled with assignment for sometime already, and have got pretty frustrated…

I have read every related threads on the forum already, but still couldn’t find any solution to my problem.

  • My robot could successfully extract all WI5 items, however, it could never go past the “Get Transaction Data” Phase.
  • And by using “in_WIList.Count.ToString”, I am sure the robot extracted the relevant datarows for further processing.

I have attached the Workflow. Can people please enlighten me abit. Thank you so much! (126.5 KB)


Hi @Towerboy
in Invoke GetTransactionData workflow you haven’t bind out_transactionItem with transaction Item so your transactionItem won’t contain any value so you will have no transaction data to process.

so what you need to do is go to edit argument in Invoke GetTransactionData workflow and bind your out_TransactionItem with TransactionItem.

But first you have an error and this is related to the dataType of out_TransactionItem, it should be DataRow and not string.

It is going to be a good exercice if you do it yourself, but here is the workflow solution : (126.4 KB)



Thanks a lot reda! You’re a Superman!

Let me digest it now.

Sorry Reda.

The new workflow you just uploaded doesn’t seem to be running.

That brings me to another frequently asked questions, when should we use DataRow or DataRow ?’


DataRow[] is an Array of dataRows.

DataRow is a simple one dataRow.

for the solution can you delete Wlist from the default value of Transaction Item. (128.5 KB)

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After a night of digestion. I think I got that idea.

Its like grad-father, father to son relationships.
DataTable → Array of dataRows → dataRows

Thanks for your help Reda. I am moving on Assignment2 at the moment.

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Exactly @Towerboy we take the dataTable first then we place it inside an dataRow[] to finally exctract every single dataRow item to deliver it to the process transaction state.


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