Level 1 - Foundation Training Certification Signature issue

I have completed Level 1- Foundation Training.
But, In the Diploma Certificate, there is no CEO Sign.
pls. have a look and reply back.

Ganesh S

Any update.

Also, i have completed Level-1 and Level-2 academy training with test.

can i considered this as a “certification”.

Ganesh S

Its a diploma for the learning you have undergone.
There a certification available that can be taken up post you complete these training.
For more details you can check the UiPath Acadmey page.

I have completed RPA developer training and some more training.

following that, i have completed the test also.

my certificate contains only diploma completion training.

there is no mention anything related to my certification.

pls. confirm completion of diploma certifactes is the same as UIpath developer certificate…?

Yes thats right you will get this written in your certificate that you have completed Diploma of this particular training like You have completed Diploma in Orchestrator or foundation or Advanced Training

Not the same.

what is the procedure to apply and get UIpath certification…?

Hope the below post woul help you @ganeshsai2912

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