UiPath Advanced Certification Pricing


Can anyone help me with the cost structure of UiPath Advanced certification?


@Pratiksha - It does not cost to register for UiPath Advanced Certification. UiPath let the users have the knowledge from the academy only. Its very well formed and in depth you do not need anything else.

Hai @Pratiksha,

Find the link you will get all the answers for your questions .,


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@Aravind , @PrankurJoshi It seems there is a Fee for RPA Developer Advanced Certification.

@Pratiksha : I guess you need to contact the sales team as per the UiPath Website :

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Hmm looks like there is some confusion or this course mentioned above is completely different from the Certification of Academy because I have already done that. @ovi @badita Can you please help here @Mahesh_Lakshmipathy is right that on Academy Training FAQ page some fee for the certification is mentioned

Yes… Was talking about the same

if you completed RPA Developer Foundation Training, Orchestrator Training you can check with of your own., i completed with free of cost only


Hi there,

The fee mentioned there is for the certification we provide for Enterprise customers. That comes with a certificate issued and is instructor-led and often on-premise.

The online courses on the Academy are free of charge and at completion you get a diploma of completion. The Academy team is working on making the instructor-led certifications available for individual users also.

I hope it’s more clear now.



Looking forward to instructor-led certifications for individual users.


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What is the fee for that paid certification