Diploma of completion or RPA Developer Foundation Diploma?

could you please to explain me? I have just finished 3 levels of UiPath Academy and got 3 diploma.
My Level 1’s certificate is named Diploma of completion but on the forum, I saw the other form named RPA Developer Foundation Diploma. Is there a difference between them? Or is it a new template?
Thank you.

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@Vladlen_Litvinov For Level 1 Before Changing name we was getting name as RPA Developer Foundation Diploma but now we are getting Developer Foundation Diploma there is no difference

But its name is “Diploma of completion”.
Really this is not certification diploma (as it was before) but the diploma of course completion.

Am I alone who can see the difference between the statuses?

1_9_119958_1528196034_RPA Developer Foundation Diploma.pdf (157.3 KB)

Will the give complete diploma certificate at the end of all modules?