Lesson 5 Practice 3 - Unable to click menu options with click activity

Hi all,
I am trying to go through Lesson 5, Practice 3 in the Foundations course. The practice is to perform some basic automation without using recording, via configuring Attach Window and Click activities manually.

According to the lesson, you should be able to attach the Notepad window, then use a Click activity to click the “Format” menu option.

However, when I try to do this, instead of each individual menu item highlighting, the entire Notepad window highlights in blue, resulting in a click in the center of Notepad, and not on the Format button. (I have tested with a double-click activity and a block of text, verifying the text in the center of the Notepad window is highlighted, showing that the correct Notepad window is attached).

The Informative Screenshot even shows the Format button highlighted in blue, but with the entire Notepad window outlined in red.


I can highlight the text area, and that will highlight in blue, or the menu area, in which case the entire window highlights in blue. I had my coworker try (verifying we both have the same version of Windows 10, Notepad, and Studio) and he is able to individually highlight and select menu buttons with the Click activity. Is there a configuration or setting that I am missing that is causing this to happen? This issue doesn’t happen with Recorder, just with manually configuring a single Click activity.

Thanks for any advice you can provide!

Small update - looks like it affects any program. Here is a gif of me using UI Explorer in Outlook to try and select any of the menu buttons:

No matter where I click, UI Explorer returns the same selector that just selects the generic ribbon.

<wnd app='outlook.exe' cls='rctrl_renwnd32' title='Unread Mail - email@address.com - Microsoft Outlook' />
<wnd cls='MsoCommandBarDock' title='MsoDockTop' />
<wnd cls='MsoCommandBar' title='Ribbon' />
<wnd cls='MsoWorkPane' title='Ribbon' />
<wnd cls='NetUIHWND' />

Hi @AaronTank

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Could you let us know what is the version of your Studio? I would suggest a fresh install in case the installation got corrupted (as generic as this solution sound, it often works!):

I am on 2019.4.3. I will give a fresh install a try; Thanks!

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A clean install had no effect, I am still unable to interact with UI elements properly. Is there any other troubleshooting I can try?

I have the same issue!

I have resolved this issue. Unrelated to UiPath, I recently had Visual Studio 2017 installed on my machine. After the installation, I tested UI Explorer again to respond to my support ticket and found it was now working. Support suggested that the Visual Studio installer may have have reinstalled or updated .Net on my machine. I would suggest trying a manual reinstall of .Net as a next step for this issue.

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