Lesson 4 Practice 1 error detecting project version

In the level 1 training Lesson 4 Practice 1 there is a model answer that you can download to run a notepad based example.

Notepad Automation.xaml (26.3 KB)

When I download it and try to run it I get the following error message.


Anyone know why this occurs. I’ve looked at other messages in the forum the only thing that I could find that suggests a solution was to delete the json file in the project but there is no project here just a single xaml file so don’t think that is relevent.

Anyone got an idea whats going on here please.

I have just downloaded it and it runs without errors the first time on my machine.

Can you please share the detailed information? Click on the see details button.

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Hi @Bolletje,

Ran it this morning and I’m not getting the error message anymore. I’ve no idea what is now different but thanks for confirming that it’s working for you as that probably means that it was specific to my machine.

Will bear in mind producing the detail information in future to help with resolving issues.

Many thanks,

@charliefik Just delete your json file and run it will execute

HI @Indra,

Where is the Json file that you have to delete please. As you can see in my first post I attached the xaml for the notepad automation, you can click on that and Ui Studio will open up a new session and load it in. I don’t understand what json file is associated with the process.


@charliefik json file will be created by default in your project folder check it

What I’m saying is that I don’t know where the project folder is to delete the json file. For instance if I click on the link to the xaml a new Studio is opened up, no project has been created there is just a single file how do I locate which json file i need to delete.

@charliefik In uipath studio click project there you can get project path

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Thanks very much will check it out. Unfortunately it is working at the moment so I won’t be able to confirm the fix but yes that hidden project tab will no doubt be useful going forward (haven’t really used it at all up to now so thanks for the heads up)

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@charliefik I guess your uipath studio as been updated so it was giving error so once you delete the json file and run the project than json file created with new version


Thanks very much for the help. All the best.


I tried this solution & the problem got worse. I get this exception "Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: C. Path ", line 0, position 0.

Welcome any suggestions for workaround :slight_smile:

thanks, Mary